Monday, October 4, 2010

Pitiful Child Part 2 (I Needed a Shave)

“I needed a shave, a haircut, a breath mint, and a bath,” I muttered to myself, running a hand through my hair, feeling the slickness of my oily mop. I turned on the sink and gave my face a few splashes of pristine gas station water, straightening my hair with my fingers and parting it to the right. Looking back in the mirror I gave myself a look of bemusement; I didn’t look like the Unabomber, but it wouldn’t be hard for me to frighten little children. After finishing up with the rest of my bathroom activities I headed out. I walked up to the attendant. “Is there a pay phone near here?” “I don’t know, there might be a one few streets down that way,” he pointed to his right. “Thanks.” I exited, going around the corner and picking up my coffee, my nectar of life for this little adventure.

As I headed down the street my mind was free to introspect. Something tells me I shouldn’t be taking this in stride. Something tells me I should be losing my fucking mind. Something tells me I’m out of shape. I sat down on a bench to catch my breath, casually waving a bus on by as it drove past the stop. Not ten seconds after I did, a man in a business suit comes scrambling past me, his hand frantically waving at the bus as it turns the corner. I guess today isn’t my day to be a saint. I looked down at my coffee, my source of power. As I drink from it I can’t help but raise my cheeks into a smile. God, I love this stuff. I reached for my wallet, pulling it from my pocket as I began to thumb through it once again. Perhaps there was something else to help me out. I had a five, three quarters, and a nickel. I guess that’s something.

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