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Tips for Making a Let's Play

Tips for Making a Let's Play

Commentary is a very stylized medium and this essay is going to focus on a particular type of commentary, the video game walkthrough, or the Lets Play.


When producing a Lets Play you must be conscious of your recording equipment. You may be incredibly funny and informative, but if there's a glare on the screen and constant pops in the audio recording people will be focusing on that instead.

I've noticed that quite a few people record footage from a camcorder. I must admit, I think that doing so should be completely avoided unless absolutely necessary, but I realize that sometimes it can't be helped.

Some tips for recording on a camcorder...

  • Know how lighting effects the video quality, set up lamps and adjust shutters so that the screen is lit up as equally as possible. Avoid lighting that will produce a glare on the screen.
  • Audio quality on most camcorders is very low. It would be best to avoid recording commentary audio until you're at your computer, where you can use a headset or condenser microphone instead.
  • Avoid background noise. Don't record in areas of high foot traffic. We don't care to hear what your dog has to say about the game.

The better option is to buy av cables and hook them up to the audio and video output and input ports of your camcorder and television screen. This will greatly increase the video and audio quality and avoid any background noise. With this method, however, you can't record the commentary until later.

Recording from your computer also provides its share of pitfalls, but they generally lie in the details. These can be harder for a novice to realize, but nonetheless can still be very distracting if present.

In regards to your screen capture program...

  • If you are using a program that allows you to adjust the size of your recording space, avoid recording the game window's border. This applies to emulators too.
  • Be sure that the recording program can record enough frames per second without bogging down your computer. Nobody wants to watch a video game at half speed. (A potential remedy for this is to speed up the footage in editing).
  • Make sure to remove any benchmarks from appearing on the footage. We don't care about how many frames per second you're recording and if we do it means something is wrong.
  • Make sure that your cursor does not appear in the recording. Most recording programs allow you to toggle whether or not it appears.

In regards to audio recording...

  • Few things are more annoying than pops and feedback. Adjust the placement of the microphone so that you can avoid both of these.
  • When recording game audio and commentary simultaneously, be sure to adjust the volume so that your voice is loud enough to not be droned out by the in-game audio.
  • Update your audio drivers so that the audio quality is as high as it can possibly be. This is important for both in game audio and commentary.

Final Notes
A good program for recording game footage is Fraps, which can be found here.
A good program to use for recording and editing audio is Audacity, which can be found here.

Sound levels can be adjusted by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom right of the Windows screen and going to the volume control window.
A lot of problems can be solved in editing, it's a good idea to watch all of your recorded footage before posting.


The content of a person's commentary is solely up to the author. This is where the appeal lies, the commentator can choose whatever style of commentary he wishes: informative, comedic, or a mixture of the two. However there are a few things that should generally be avoided...

  • Avoid filler. Anecdotes can be both funny and informative, but try to avoid rambling about how your day was or some particular commenter that pissed you off if it doesn't apply to the game.
  • Try to avoid constant screaming and yelling. No matter how funny it might initially be, nonstop yelling will eventually strain our patience as much as it strains your vocal chords.
  • Randomness can be funny, but random does not, by itself, equal humor, remember that.
  • Avoid a commentary style that makes your natural voice come off as grating or abrasive. (If you have a high pitched, nasal, and sharp voice perhaps a dramatic delivery with constant yelling might not be the best style for you).
  • Avoid voice acting text boxes. This can be taken with a grain of salt, but unless you're a good actor I'd save it for a joke at the character's expense or something similar.
  • Don't record if you can barely stay awake. Tiredness and exhaustion will come across in your voice. This doesn't apply to sounding tired or exhausted as a stylistic choice.

Now I will go through a few general styles and their characteristics...

  • Focuses on aspects of the game that might not be obvious: secrets, strategies, bugs, and glitches.
  • Includes information about the game's development and release.
  • Makes comments about how the game, or certain events regarding the game were received and how you agree or disagree with a particular opinion or the general consensus.
  • Includes information about how certain events in the game are similar to events in other games. (Tropes) 
Overly Dramatic
  • Manages a fine line between comically hammy and horrifically annoying by overreacting to certain events in the game.
  • Puts an emphasis on a certain personality traits (short-tempered, cowardly, snarky, etc.), to create a persona that's in many ways similar to a cartoon character or professional wrestler.
  • Can focus on glaring flaws, bad A.I, horrible voice acting, glitches, etc.
  • Has a sharp volume dynamic, shifting from loud to soft and from clear to whisper/growl.
  • Focuses on sharp, dry wit instead of comedic overreacting
  • Comments on mellow-drama, hammy/bad voice acting, idiotic game play aspects
  • Makes witty jokes toward the fan base, other characters, or other individuals surrounding the game.
  • Generally makes heavy use of sarcasm.

Of course these archetypes are simply some of the several available and you can mix and match different characteristics for different situations or to create a wholly unique persona.

Final Notes
Generally speaking, developing a persona that's close to your own personality is the best option as it will be the most natural for you. You might not need to develop a persona at all, but you will probably have to exaggerate your personality somewhat.

Scripting or Improvisation?

This is the place where innate talent seems to be the most relevant. Choosing whether to use scripting or improvisation depends on a few factors...

  • Are you the type to makes jokes without thinking or is your humor very methodical?
  • In general, are you spontaneous or plan oriented?
  • Do you stumble over your words or can you speak with clear diction most of the time?
  • Are you the type who frequently runs out of things to say or can you recall information relevant to a conversation without missing a beat?
  • Do you prefer continuity over control or visa-versa?

Both scripting and improvisation have their advantages..

  • More reliant on reacting to the content at hand than methodical comments
  • Allows for train of thought commentary, which may produce a funny off-hand comment
  • It's easier to sound natural due to the fact that you're in the moment
  • Allows for running gags, motifs, and themes better than improvisation
  • Since recording footage and recording commentary happens separately it allows the commentator to do multiple takes of a joke.
  • Easier to edit because footage and commentary is separate.

Final Notes
While it's uncommon, some commentators choose a combination of scripting and improvisation. They might outline a general theme for their jokes, make note of how to react to a certain event, or dub over jokes and lines that were done improperly or weren't funny.

Final Statements

I sincerely hope that this helps all aspiring commentators to make the most informative and funny videos that they can. Lets Plays have something of a stigma as generally being easy, poor quality, and unfunny. I hope that overtime, this changes. The only way that this will change though is if the bar is raised and the status-quo is excellence.

If anyone would like for me to comment on their Lets Play, or talk to me further about Lets Plays, feel free to send me an PM on my Youtube account ( I will always be more than happy to give my advice. Of course, if you want to comment on this essay you can send me a PM too, I would love to know what you thought.

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Copper Chocobo

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pitiful Child Part 2 (I Needed a Shave)

“I needed a shave, a haircut, a breath mint, and a bath,” I muttered to myself, running a hand through my hair, feeling the slickness of my oily mop. I turned on the sink and gave my face a few splashes of pristine gas station water, straightening my hair with my fingers and parting it to the right. Looking back in the mirror I gave myself a look of bemusement; I didn’t look like the Unabomber, but it wouldn’t be hard for me to frighten little children. After finishing up with the rest of my bathroom activities I headed out. I walked up to the attendant. “Is there a pay phone near here?” “I don’t know, there might be a one few streets down that way,” he pointed to his right. “Thanks.” I exited, going around the corner and picking up my coffee, my nectar of life for this little adventure.

As I headed down the street my mind was free to introspect. Something tells me I shouldn’t be taking this in stride. Something tells me I should be losing my fucking mind. Something tells me I’m out of shape. I sat down on a bench to catch my breath, casually waving a bus on by as it drove past the stop. Not ten seconds after I did, a man in a business suit comes scrambling past me, his hand frantically waving at the bus as it turns the corner. I guess today isn’t my day to be a saint. I looked down at my coffee, my source of power. As I drink from it I can’t help but raise my cheeks into a smile. God, I love this stuff. I reached for my wallet, pulling it from my pocket as I began to thumb through it once again. Perhaps there was something else to help me out. I had a five, three quarters, and a nickel. I guess that’s something.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pitiful Child

"Credit or debit?” “Huh?” My eyes came into focus on a twenty-something year old: crew cut, slight features, tenor voice. “Debit or credit...” It was obvious that my expression caused him some concern. “Are you alright man?” I nodded, reaching into my pocket, blindly searching for something, anything. I grabbed a hold of leather, sighing with relief as I pulled it from my pocket. His eyes lit up with amusement. I looked at the contents of my hand..A collar. As I shoved the collar back in my pocket I could see him shaking his head, a smile on his lips. I searched my other pocket, glimpsing at what I had in my grasp. “Yes, that's a wallet.” I looked up the attendant, who had taken the moment to recheck my merchandise. “Cheeky bastard.” I thought, opening up the wallet to find a credit card, tossing it on the counter. Once my attention was taken away from the attendant I finally managed to grasp the situation, I had no idea where the fuck I was. What was I even buying? I looked: a pack of gum, a cup of coffee, and a protein bar.

I didn't have a headache, I checked my breath, it smelled like two days without toothpaste, but apart from that nothing in particular. “There you go, I bagged it for you.” I grabbed the bag, almost leaving before reaching back and taking my wallet. As I exited, I quickly took the corner, leaning against the wall. I looked toward the nearby street, nope, no idea where I was. I began searching my wallet as the attendant turned the corner, looking at me with a cup of coffee in his hand. “Yes?” He held out the coffee “You forgot this.” I grabbed the coffee, forcing a slight smile to thank him. As he began to turn I almost began to ask him where I was, but I held my tongue. He might know me, I'd rather not let anyone know that I seem to have lost a few of my marbles, at least not until I know for a fact that I'm fucked. I took a sip from the coffee: black, no cream whatsoever, and I liked it. Useless tidbit of information for me, but it woke me up enough to get me to check my wallet. I rummaged through the various cards, business cards, debit cards, coupons for dog food....finally I came across a little blue note, crumpled and shoved behind the last card in my wallet. I flattened it on the wall and looked at it.

“'555-2319, call if lost.” I slumped back against the wall, my head laying against the concrete as I sighed. This is good, this is very good. Do I even have a cellphone? I patted my pockets. Nope. I grabbed my protein bar, opening it up and taking a chunk out of it: peanut butter, delicious. I took a few minutes to finish off the bar, tossing the wrapper at a nearby trashcan. “What do I need to do..” I mumbled out loud. I had to find a phone, obviously, but first I want to make sure that I didn't look like Allen Moore on a good day, so I went back inside the gas station. “Bathroom?” I asked. “Next to the beer.” I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror.