Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Sour Taste for Political and Current Event Oriented Radio and Television

Why do I border on having absolute scorn for most political radio, political television, newspapers: CBS, NBC, Fox, KFI? Why do I think that some border on National Enquirer levels of emotional exploitation have a similar lack of shame? Why, even if I agree with the some of the opinions of commentators such as O'Reilly, Beck, and Handel do I sometimes have to shut off the radio out of pure disgust? More importantly, why do I not think that their behavior and conduct is all their fault?

I think we both know who the figureheads of most popular political and current event talk shows, television or otherwise, are.  The ones with the most passionate tempers, loudest voices, but with strong research toward their side arguments, or the other side, if to only find a way to debunk it, does this sound familiar? Republicans? Democrats? MSNBC? Fox? Now mind you, I can burn as hot as anyone when something I believe in is mocked or knocked off its throne, and it takes most of my self-control to not chew that poor bastard a new asshole. I dislike that part of me though, I try my hardest to always keep at least some semblance of civility and open-mindedness. This, however, doesn't seem to be the case with these commentators, but I also don't believe it is wholly their fault.

These men, in at least one aspect or another, are entertainers. Their livelihood is dependant on how long they can keep your attention and generally the best way to do that is to entertain you, this is true for all the arts. I don't think any of these men are idiots, I'm willing to think that all of these commentators are intelligent, but they also know what their demographic likes to hear. These men don't become immensely popular because of some commercial conspiracy, they live and die by the ratings, by popularity. Now the reason why I don't believe that it is because of the logic and empirical data behind their argument is because there is a running motif with all popular commentators, my statement in the last paragraph. The reason they are popular is because their temper, passion, and lack of civility when the stakes are raised is what people want!

I'll let that simmer with you while I consider the underlying factors of this truth.