Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tales from the Sapling (Part 2)

If it were my choice I'd be back in my home, buried comfortably in my own pillow, but the company decided to locate me an hours travel away and I'd rather sleep with the drunk than torture myself with another mile, however enticing the destination. My eyes had decided to carefully watch my feet, lest they try to run away without me, so I was already a few steps inside before I even began to notice my surroundings. As I looked up any hope of relaxation was swept way by the man tumbling ass over elbow in front of my feet. I had stepped into a wooden cage. A cage holding not beasts, but something far worse. Creatures so aggressive, so obnoxious, so hopelessly mundane that even a sage would have his patience torn asunder by their ways, my fellow workers.

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