Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tales from the Sapling (Part 1)

"Tough day today sapling?", said a man slouched by the tavern door. He reeked of spirits and his near toothless maw didn't do him any favors as he belted out his guffaws. I did not give the drunk the honor of a reaction, for his words, though not elegantly spoken, were true. My entire body felt weighed down with the pressure of my own sweat stained across my skin, and my stench was likely not much better than that of the drunk. Despite my hatred of manual labor I had taken up a job at the nearby logging company, my belly wouldn't be filled by my scrolls and books. "Bloody slave drivers!", I thought, my bitterness provoked by the drunk. "I have twice the mind of any of them and they get to make the decisions?!". My arguments though, however valid, were pointless. They had the gold, they had the seniority, and I was the sapling.

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