Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Holy Batista yelling at a small child (Indeed), this month has flown by fast. I do have a reason, actually plenty of reasons, for my lack of posts this month. I shall fill you all in as well as giving a few explanations to my lack of videos.

I have actually been taking a few steps toward my career as an actor, one vital step that I have taken is that I've actually looked into acting classes. One class that I decided to call was the Theater Group Studio in Los Angeles. There I met a very nice lady by the name of Lorinne Vozoff who actually instilled me with the personal confidence of me being in good hands if I did decide to follow through (and was also accepted), with this acting class. She, her daughter, and another compatriot teach the Stanislvaski Method that I have noted a few times as my key focus when it comes to acting technique. For those who might actually be interested here is the website of Theater Group Studio.

I've also been focusing on my career as a vocalist. I've been not doing much in terms of heavy duty training at this point, due to a lack of a teacher, but I have kept my voice up to par with various daily exercises. I'm still in the process of searching for a teacher who focuses on the classical style of vocal training. The reason being is that I have no faith whatsoever in the new style of 'pop' oriented singing, I despise the horrific physical stresses of 'belting', and I just don't think that pop singers sound as appealing as a properly trained classical vocalist.

I have also fulfilled one of my lifelong aspirations recently, at the same time, that I went to my interview for said acting class. I was able to workout at Muscle Beach California in Venice Beach. Though I am not actively focused on bodybuilding I have always respected and admired the classic stars of the sport, and you can't think of people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu,and Frank Zane without drawing focus onto Muscle Beach. For the price of 10 dollars I was able to be a slight exhibitionist for two hours, working out in the outdoor gym while also conversing with a bodybuilder who happened to be working out there. Another little note is that I had the chance to visit Venice Beach, which is quite an enjoyable experience if you ignore everything along the board walk that isn't facing toward the surf.

Finally, an explanation to my lack of videos. From a point five weeks prior to two weeks prior I was struck with an intense case of lethargy and couldn't bring myself to doing more than the basic cognitive functions as well as keeping up with my basic responsibilities. I was sleeping more than fifteen hours a day and barely did much more than eat and sleep. Luckily, my love managed to kick my ass into shape and get me to both, catch up with my school work, and have me back on a normal sleep schedule with daily activity that comprised of more than what I needed to do to survive. I have been quite busy for the last two week, but I am thinking of doing a few walkthroughs starting tomorrow, as well as some more voice over work. Another note is that I actually have managed to snag a voice acting job, non-pay of course, and plan to keep up with that responsibility as well as that to my fans who I plan to entertain in sometime soon!

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