Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Am A Statistic!

I have recently finished filling out my voter's registration form and I must say that the occasion holds much higher significance than I thought it would. All was rather straight-forward until I came to the party selection screen. I decided to spend time to go to the individual websites of each party (exempting the Republican and Democrat), so that I would actually make a knowledgeable decision.

The first party was the American Independent Party: the embodiment of pure conservatism. These are the people those wimpy Republicans are trying to be! No abortion, no gay-marriage, no gun restrictions, no liberalism. These men show the god-fearing patriotism I thought only possible in the days when wigs were popular. While I admittingly agree with more than one of their beliefs, I thought that they didn't give enough attention to the contemporary issues that plague our society, next!

Second was the Green Party: what happens when Ferngully becomes a political party. This is the sort of thing Al Gore has wet dreams about. If it isn't quite obvious already, I am not fond of this party. These counter-productive slogan spouters annoy me to no end. They also seem to only focus on the environment with no care for any of the other political situations, next!

The Libertarian Party: We don't need no stinking government controlled business! The first thing that impressed me with this was their website, which was incredibly easy to navigate. Their fevor for the defense of free speech and uncensored internet use got me to click the other topics that I didn't even really have too much interest in originally. Overall they wish for minimalist government involvement with a larger focus on private business running the various services such as: Social Security, health care, and welfare. Due to how horridly managed most government ran services are (I've had personal experience with this), it seems like the obvious choice.

Finally is the Peace and Freedom Party: Female or DIE!. These ultra-feminist really scare me to death. The same problem arises that did with the Independent Party, not enough focus on contemporary issues. To be honest their only focus seemed on the inequality of genders. male < female inequality of course.

While it's quite obvious which party I went with I will provide the link to each website so you could look for yourself if interested. The main problem with the three other parties (though the two biggest culprits are the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party), is that they seem to only care about a single issue, which does not a political party make. To be honest, they seem like they'd be better off simply being an activist organization.

American Independent:
Peace and Freedom:

Why no Democrat or Republican segments? Simply because I have lost the majority of my faith in these two parties considering the job they've done so far.

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