Friday, November 20, 2009

Where the hell did November go?

I've been trying to fill this blog with at least three to five significant posts a month and now that I look at my calender I realize I only have ten days to do it!

The reason for my absence (for the five of you who read this), is due to an onset of horrific headaches that have plagued me for the last month or so. I recently got a prescription along with tips from my doctor on how to relieve stress and lower the chance of them happening. Secondly, I'm going to a chiropractor soon to take care of a few spinal issues I've gotten while working out.

This also is the reason for me lowering my video posting on Youtube to once a week (also because I've noticed I get more views than when I release them in lump sums, yes I'm shameless). I will probably edit and release a video today and sometime during the weekend, but over the Thanksgiving break I might start production on a second video review that I've been wanting to do.

You might have noticed two bits of poetry that I placed on here, probably seemed a tad non-sequitur and that's something I understand. I'm actually going to study creative writing in college and figured I should develop as many styles of writing as possible (this is the main reason for the blog). Yes, I realize they are a bit melodramatic and such, but I've never really considered myself a modern Robert Frost or Edgar Allen Poe so bear with me.

Finally, I probably will go see a movie over the weekend and as such will supply another movie review relatively soon. If not I think I could manage to fish out a video game to review, but I'd much rather write a review for a movie at the moment.

Well, I think I could consider this a legitimate post, so here's one out of four!

P.S. If I got some more comments or messages or something to confirm that people read this it would probably inspire me to write more on it. I'm just saying that I'm a complete attention whore.

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