Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Demographics of My School Students (Part 1)

The different demographics of senior students I've encountered during my final year of high school. I will warn you right now that these will be broad stereotypes and are by no means apply to every single student who fits the descriptions I am about to present.

First off is a little individual I would like to call Ged. Ged is the type of person who really doesn't care much about such pointless concepts like being a good role model for younger students, making the most out of the last year of high school, or in some cases even showing that they've learned anything throughout the years of free education. Recently, I've noticed that these individuals take a liking to brightly colored clothing and accessories, such as multicolored glasses, pink backpacks, or lime green pants. You can also spot a Ged by the large amount of pointless derogatory vocal output they release at random times. Usually this arises from Ged coming across something they can't quite grasp or something they are having trouble with. Usually they address such things as retarded or gay. Another key I've noticed is in the hairstyles, which tend to either be short at least be lifted up with enough hair gel to preserve a small creature for centuries to come.

The second subject to focus on is the preppy, peppy college bound youth. While the most prominent gender is female, they can be both boy or girl. These people are pretty close to your generic student. They are incredibly social, adequately intelligent, and they have an incredible fervor for getting involved in school activities. You'll usually see these people in Link Crew and at the various student pep rallies. Usually dressed in rather common clothes, the only real way to notice someone like this is the way they chit chat. They're usually rather light-hearted and almost disturbingly cheery most of the time. In a nutshell these are your cheerleaders, your link crew, and your various pep rally peoples.

Third is of course the obvious metal heads, punker rockers, goths , and music enthusiasts in general, the bohemians of the school ground if you will. Band t-shirts, off-style clothing, and various discussions about artistic concepts, bands, and a little slice of politics and philosophy tend to litter the conversation of these people. One very obvious thing you will notice is that these types of people are very affectionate toward each other and are usually seen in very close vicinity to one another with usually a couple cuddling or hugging. Another thing is that they have some how managed to develop social awkwardness into such a form that it becomes a strength. Another group of people who you'll notice associating with this group are the otaku and gamers, though in the latter category usually only the hardcore and lifer variety do so.

I'll add other groups as I can across them, but for now these are the only ones I can provide examples for.

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