Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knowledge's Place in the Human Imagination.

(I will warn you that this is far off the beaten path of my usual information and does not have an editor's touch. So it might be filled with some grammatical errors.)

Might I provide some food to thought for the couple of individuals who frequent my blog. I was recently speaking with a friend when I came to the revelation that seems to not be spoken about much the mass of society. Simply put, what I mean is the link and interaction of one's knowledge and imagination, the product being a revelation that truly explains way poets and scientist consider the human race a "unique" species. We aren't unique due to our ability to comprehend and acquire vast amounts of knowledge, in a smaller scale even an ape or canine can do that. We aren't unique due to our morality because even the smallest insect has its own moral code in the form of instincts (as well as is possible that a moral code is an evolution or mutation of instincts). No, we are unique because we have the capacity to imagine, to dream, and our ability to use knowledge to focus and concentrate our efforts toward that dream.

I think people who are categorized as either logical thinkers or dreamers are simply a sub-category leading the categorization of "Great Thinkers". For it takes a man who can dream and logically decipher and direct themselves toward that dream to be considered a great thinker and a great man. Anyone who restricts themselves to one of the two sub-categories is only limiting and effectively retarding themselves to a lack-luster method of thinking. Those who try to become great while occupying an even lower category are almost certainly doomed to mediocrity.

Now don't misunderstand me, it doesn't take a libraries worth of information and a strenuous focus on self-examination to be in the realm of higher thinkers. Simply knowing how each connects with the other and using that formula can propel many people to what I would daringly consider a higher form of thinking and self-awareness. While I myself haven't spent enough time to bring detail to the formula I think I could simplify it as such.

First: Dreaming and obtaining a very simple direction in which to head in terms of acquiring knowledge.
Second: Learning the methods of logical thinking and obtaining general knowledge while also focusing on whatever topic you could decipher from your dream if any.
Third: Devoting yourself to allowing the knowledge and logic you obtained to help either concentrate or expand on your imagination and then to focus on it to find a specific path to follow.
Fourth: Follow this path to help specify what types of knowledge you want to obtain to help you reach your dream.

I guess if I were to put it into a metaphor, consider yourself a man on a series of twisting and splitting roads, but a thick fog doesn't allow you to see in front of you and the signs scattered across are written in a language you can't understand. As you acquire knowledge and the methods of logical thinking the veil of the fog is slowly lifted and you begin to understand the signs. As you head further though you notice that the signs begin to become harder to read again and the fog has returned, you acquire more knowledge and use the methods of logical thinking to once again understand the sign and lift the veil. Imagination forms the landscape, the roads, the signs, but logic and knowledge allow you to understand the signs and follow the road.

Again, I need to consider this further and I simply used this as a reference to check back on so that I don't lose sight of this thought. If anyone else considers this useful feel free to take it for yourself and to expand on it. If you do so though please contact me so that I can see what other people take from this. You can find my contact me deathcomesx@yahoo.com if you wish.

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